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It only takes 24-48 hours for nicotine to leave your body.

What people are really withdrawing from are the habits they’ve formed around smoking. When becoming a non-smoker, people must change their cognitive link to their daily habits and rituals. These include smoking before work or on lunch breaks, smoking before bed, or smoking when you have a drink. The good news is, these habits are easy to change if a person is willing and ready. All you have to do is change your routine so you can change the overall behavior of your smoking habit.

Millions of people each year try to quit smoking and fail. Hypnotherapy works where other methods don’t because it addresses the underlying motivations for smoking as well as helping smokers change their habits. It also works to help the brain break free of nicotine addiction and form healthier thought and behavior patterns.

Hypnotherapy also assists clients who use smoking to relieve boredom, stress, or loneliness and addresses smoking triggers. This multi-faceted approach works subconsciously, embedding new thoughts and beliefs deep in the brain and avoiding the conscious mind that often gets in the way of stopping smoking. Hypnosis sessions not only lessen any physical symptoms you may be experiencing, but they can also program new ways of thinking that will support your image as a non-smoker.