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More than 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from anxiety disorders.

Far more than that struggle with daily anxiety that may not be classified as a disorder but still impacts their life and keeps them from having the life they dream of. 

Anxiety refers to the fear in absence of danger. It can build gradually over days or weeks, or can come and go quickly. The end result of anxiety is often a panic attack, which can be both frightening and embarrassing for those who experience them. Anxiety can quickly rob a person of their joy in life. Anxiety is complex and frustrating and can make you feel out of control and even as if your life is in danger.

Hypnotherapy helps put those with anxiety into a deeply relaxed state where we can then work on reprogramming their anxious brain. In this state, they can release negative memories, destroy limiting beliefs, and reinforce their image of being a strong, confident person. Hypnotherapy deal directly with the subconscious mind and usually produces results far more quickly than traditional therapy. Hypnotherapists are specifically trained on how to guide someone into the subconscious mind, bypassing their critical factor that is often the barrier to change. When under hypnosis, people can remove the root of their anxieties and create their own newer, healthier ways of responding to situations and stimuli.

I work with each client to find out more about how anxiety is impacting their life and their vision of what a life free of anxiety would look like. Together we develop an action plan based entirely on their unique needs and personality.