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Developing the skills to perform at your highest level of any activity can give individuals a competitive advantage in any sport, business, or life. Successful individuals and athletes know that training your brain (beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes) often is more important than raw natural talent. One bad performance can often have an impact on future performance and its impacts can be lingering. The strongest belief a person has about themselves is how they will perform. A belief whether good or bad becomes hard wired into our DNA and when this occurs the body produces chemicals that match that belief. A good or bad thought essentially affects our whole system and how our body functions.  

Here are the top 3 ways to build peak performance states.

The brain in action

The brain in action

Brain mapping is an EEG assessment of how the brain is functioning. This information can be used to help train the brain to find performance zones and feel the zone. It strengthens underactive parts of the brain so all parts are wired and firing together.

Mental Movies

mental movies

Mental movies are the fastest way to reinforce performance states and feelings. Much like watching a movie produces emotions of sadness, laughter, or sometimes fear, when we mentally rehearse performances, we are creating states in our mind that feel real as if they have already happened. It also can help us quickly resolve defeats or mistakes and increase confidence in our own natural abilities. Reinforcing our goals and desires naturally produces the action required to get there.

The Power of Language

The Power of Language

Learn how to use the right language to perform at your highest level. Language is our most powerful tool in driving performance. Hoping for your best performance, or trying your best are sure fire ways to fail. Learning language codes your brain responds best to will help drive performance and is one of the quickest ways to start strengthening new neural pathways.

Training the brain to perform at its highest level is based in neuroscience. Scientists know what fires together wires together. Just like the engine of your car runs better when all cylinders are firing so do our brains. Neural Pathways are the connectors of information from one neuron to another. When neurons fire together, they wire together and make that circuit even stronger. If a person has thoughts of performing poorly or messing up that information is being wired together making the probability of them messing up even greater. If a person imagines themselves performing well and feels confident then that becomes the new operating system. The more repeatedly an operating system or behavior is used the more likely that behavior will be repeated, much like muscle memory.

The brain is a muscle and can be trained just like any muscle on your body. In fact, since how an individual wants to perform is based on the neural operating system they are firing, training the brain becomes the most important muscle to strengthen.

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